How to Create a Micro Niche Site Earning $300/Month from AdSense

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How To Start Micro Niche Blog on 2018

Friends, today I will talk about topics or topics in this post. How Micro niche will open a microscope blog or website and how to rank it Micro Niche website earns more money than just doing a lot less and how your website is Google’s Be the first to rank in the first page, read these posts and keep it in mind, and keep working online to earn it know to last subscribe button and click on the Notification.
Friends, the tips I’ll share with you, tell me something about it, and some tips from some of my special videos of Watch videos on YouTube, hope these tips will help you if you can work just like you did in the post. Your micro niche website or blog will rank on Google’s first page in 1 week under.

Friends, we know Micro Niche, we know that there is a category that has such a category, for example, my website is a blog or another category of my blog that has a different category, but that category is a single specific one. For example, a micro niche, such as AdSense, this micro-niche website will be when you work on AdSense only if you Anyway micro niche.

How do you start a micro niche blog?

Friends, when you start a micro-niche blog or website, the things you need to do are to see first that you’re better than a topic and you can better understand the user on a topic that chooses the topic, Open the website or blog and if you like all the topics, then you can open a blog or website on all topics and post it in all the websites and see if the most traffic is coming, the topic that comes with the most traffic, it hurts the topic and write down the post Stay there and keep the rest in the site and keep working on the website that gets more traffic.
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And if you can not find any topic or anything, then you can do one thing. It is very easy but you have to put a little bit of intelligence, the job is to open the Amazon, Flipkart application or website, and see which category is the most Choice is your blog or website on that single topic and the name of your blog or website should be the same as that topic Survival is the name of your website in the category micro niche too early to be able to rank on the first page of Google.

Need to see what to do when opening a micro niche website?

To open a micro niche website, the things that you need to see are the first of the topics that you will open a blog or website on a topic or blog, and how many popular websites have a post on that topic. If you have a post, then select another topic from that topic and if you do not have it then you can choose that topic, and you can If you search Google by looking at the name of your website, how many people are working on that topic, Google’s search in Google’s “amazon T-shirts” will do exactly the same code, how many people are going to name that website and you will always try the topic It will not be more than 1 to 2 people. And check the amount of search volume of that keyword.
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The Benefits of Micro Niche Website?

What is the advantage of opening a micro niche website or micro niche website? The advantage of opening a micro niche website is that when you open a Micro Nite website, you will work on a category of your website, and your website will be ranked in the rankings and will be very low Because of that you can rank your website very quickly, the second is your website that the micro You will be able to take sponsorship on that category, and ads from Google will run on your website, the ads will be related to your website, so that the user will click on your ad and click on sponsorship to buy the product. As a result, you can earn a lot of money from your website, and the set that will be the result is that you do not have to post 100-200 on your website. easily to a rank of 10 to 0 if your website rank posts will be.

Earn $5000/Month By Micro Blogging

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