How to Build SEO Friendly Website (How To Add Meta Tag and Meta Keyword)

How to Make SEO Friendly Website

Friends, today I will tell you how to create an SEO Friendly Website and how to rank that website, and if you want to create an SEO Friendly Website and find out where you want it, please read this post on this topic. Find out how you will create an SEO friendly website and how to rank it, and you can get any help or help from SEO or website related to Subscribe to this website.

The first thing you need to do is to create an SEO Friendly website, first you need to have meta title meta tag and meta keywords for your website, responsive theme, page loading time must be on the website, your domain will be domain authority, backlink, do flow and Noflow should be done in the background crypt, and follow the tips below to learn all these topics.
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Meta Title, Description, Keyword :

Meta tags Meta descriptions and meta keywords will be added to your web site's HTML file, to add them, you will find some related keywords of yours that means that your website is related to some related keywords such as Blogging, WordPress and Adsense. Type a few keywords after which it will be sorted later, then copy and paste these keywords below Inka by clicking on the title of the website with the name of your website's Description, Keywords in your search keywords in the two boxes with pest create meta tag, click on the button.  Flow below tips and picture.

After you click on the create meta tag button, copy it from <Title> to the bottom and save the code by clicking on the "Head" tag on your website and save the click on save button.

Responsive Template :

The website you are using is blogger, WordPress or Wix that platform the template you use, why it is so responsive that it means that when your website is open to the computer, tablets, laptops, iPhone, Android phones where the type of auto-size as Opens your website. To check this website for your response, click on the link given below to check whether your website is responsive.
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Page Loading Time :

When the page loading time is open when you open your website, do not take more time to open your website, if it takes more time, then your website will be as good as no. Before the website is open, the user will close your website and close it. For this reason, your website's loading time must be 2 to 3 seconds to open your website so you can rank your website many more.

Domain Authority, Backlink, Do flow Link, NoflowLink :

Domain authority, backlink, do follow the link or no follow backlink ay. All you need to do is publish a post on your website every day when you have to create these links for your website, which can cause more traffic to your website. To know how to create these links, find out this website, and if you do not know, you can build these links with youtube or Google.

How to add Meta Tags Title, Description and Keywords

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