How to Start a Blog From Your Phone (Create a Website)

How to Start a Blog From Your Phone (Create a Website)

How to Create a Blog Using Your Phone :

Friends, I am sharing this post with you today, I am posting a poster for a user’s portion recorder, and for that user, many of you may post this post, posting is for those who open a blog or website for themselves. Because they do not have any computer or laptop, they will be able to cite a blog or website via mobile If you are one of them today, then keep reading this post with your heart and mind how it will run continuously and how to earn from it.

Hah guys will tell you how to make a website with your mobile and how to earn from there, without any computer or laptop, if you have an Android phone or Android tablets, then you can easily create a website for yourself and every day there Posting the post will enable you to earn money from there.

Friends, the process of opening your own website is the first of all, if you want to create a professional website, then you have to invest Rs. 150 for the money and if you think it will be free, then it will be but the name of your website will be very professional. We will not be able to see the websites that we see in Google such as, And it sounds like professional. Kind of like, you need to invest a little money to create a website, and, will not require any type of website or blog, because they are Google is a product of its own but there are some differences between .com and

See Related Post: and are domain names and subdomains, domain is .com and subdomain is .blogspot.If it is a free domain, the .com domain you can buy Godaddy, Hostgator from Google and attach to your website or blog. And if you are thinking that you are starting at the level or you will learn the website then you can use the subdomain. It is free when you are making a blogger account, you will be able to share your account with this subdomain. After that, you will be able to create a professional website by linking your purchased domain to your website.

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How To Create Blog or Website :

When you create a Blog or website, you open your Google Web browser in your mobile and you will have to log in with your email id. Then you can go to Google and click on the dot mark or go to the blogger’s site and go to the create blog button. Clicking will open a popup in front of you where you click on the name of your blog or website and click on the create button to create your blog Or the website will be created (if you know how to create a Blogger account, you can click on the link below to get a full information)

Once the blog or website is created, the main thing that will be your main job is to post your blog or website. If your website does not have any posts, then you can not understand what your website looks like for you to minimize your website After that you will customize your website.
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Customizing the website will be a little problematic on mobile if you use your Blogger template, then there will be no problem to customize, and if you download or purchase any other template, then there will be a little problem to customize, in that case you have a Google Chrome browser You will customize your website’s templates on desktop mode, and if you want to If you have problems, then you can complete everything from a friend’s computer or server cap to your website, and all those tasks are done by customizing your website and checking them out and logging out from there, after that work You have to give tips below how to write a post in your post each day.

How to Writing Post :
To write a post on your website, you need to download 4 applications on your mobile that you can post by posting on your website.

1. Blogger Application. (Download Now)
2. Google Docs. (Download Now)
3. Google Translate. (Download Now)
4. Grammarly Keyboard. (Download Now)

Follow the tips below to learn how these applications work and how you should work.

Blogger Application :
Blogger Application After downloading and installing this application you will be logged in to the Blogger application with the e-mail account that you are using to email your blogger account so that you can publish the direct post to your blog or website through this application.

Google Docs :
Google Docs After downloading this application you will see that there are many styles of postage to write that using paragraphs you can write a nice, big, small, beautiful post for your website.

Google Translate :
Google Translate Many people know this application, but it is the work of this application that if a ward of English, Hindi, Bengali language is not known at the time of writing, then if you do not know what that means in the English, Hindi, Bengali language That means you can run through this Google Translator.

Grammarly Keyboard :
Grammarly Keyboard is very useful to use this application, especially for those who have web development, this application is the job of the post that you write the whole copy of the post by posting it into this application where you have wrong where the spelling mistake By checking them all, they will create a good post that you can definitely publish on your website. Also, when you write a post or SMS, you can fix any mistake or spell mistakes, through this Grammarly Keyboard application.

How to Start a Blog From Your Smartphone :

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