Top 10 Most Viral YouTube And Personal Blog Post Topics

Top 10 Most Viral YouTube And Personal Blog Post Topics

How To Get Views On YouTube or Website Fast :

Friends, what I am saying today is that those who work on the Youtube or Blogger website are many that they have 100 or 150 posts or videos after submitting to the website or there is no video or post on the post. They go to the website or go to the website and do not have to earn money from now on. It is an unemployed thing that goes to waste. Today’s topic is for them. This post is for you to post a lot of it before you open the YouTube channel or Website. It’s a matter of thinking that people who are searching for a topic, or something new, and some things that they are all about.

Friends, the 10 topics that I will tell today are the first of which you all have the best and you can choose what you can do, and with whom you do not know very well what it really is and how do I start? You know him well. Then you make a different post or video on it. Everyone is a little different and you want to share it with your Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Plus, as much social media as you can. Many of my views will come in its guaranteed that my guarantee is 100% so much To earn money online, you must give me a little bit of time. Minimum 2-3 months and if you are good at the house, then maybe you are one day. Let’s say you have my personal collections tips.

Hot Tech Topics Blogger And YouTube Some Tips:

1. Tech is a category that searches millions of millions of times in a day, say tech, a new smartphone or new software, which are electronic Phones, Computers, Cameras etc. If you see that it can be popular in the market but now it is not launching serum call Find out before publishing you publish a post about him or make a video, publish it to the title and photo title.

2. If you stay at home, you have a thing in your house which is less suppressed and it gives good service but people do not know so much. If you can do that, then you can post a lot of views on your website or your YouTube video, but one day it will not be easy for a few days.

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3. The number three is that you have to find a hot offer, such as Jio New Offer, Xiaomi Mobile, the post or video of this type of TV offer, you can make a good photo or a great thumbnail if you publish it on a website or post but some time before the offer. You have to do the work in the troupe that you can come with or to the channel.

4. The number four is your house if there is something that seems like it has sent gifts to them, such as a thing that will give you the title of your video or post in such a way that it appears that I have got a gift or Google. Posting or video of the type can cause many views.

5. The number five is that you have to write bad things in the context of mobile, computer, TV or laptop like Xiaomi Mobile so that no one can buy anything, Xiaomi TV should show something bad and yes it is true that no one should buy or not. And if it is not true you will write down in the Tehela or at the end of the video that it is not wrong or possible. By doing this you can get many views on your post or video.

2nd Category For Website or YouTube  :

6. It’s such a category that you have to do now, you have to create such post or video in such a way that it is not possible, but it can happen, as if you do it, the hair will start arriving in one week, if you do this one day it will be a big thing. There will be a lot of views in this type of post or video type, like the lips and the face is good. People know that it will not be, but still, they love it more than they can try it, it is very common people on it.

7. You can post or video on the food side, like your house, like the restaurant, you can make post or video of Shawon’s car food because the food and the food are not available where you can do everything well to tell about it. And now, whose people go to any hotel where they went to the hotel, they liked a news so that they would know that if you wrote a video or post in front of them, many views would come, and one thing is that the process of making your meal is good or bad. Your Website Photo or Youtube Thamail it is absolutely lucrative.

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8. Again, if you talk about comedy channel, if you are a comedy channel, then you can post it on every page of your website, give it to a girl and if you are in the first video then you will be able to create a video with a girl who will call on your video. The view will come into view.

9. You have to always write some videos or posts that will be seen in many places, such things are happening in Google trending or there are some things that many people search like eid, worship, new year, valentines day Some of you will have to post in the film and you can bring many views on your video or website post.

10. If you write a video or a post on this type of topic, then you will be able to cross the viewer so that if you tell someone’s money, or top 10 India Website Admin, top 1o mobile, Top 10 cars If you create some posts or videos in such a way, you can get many views in your post or video in your post or video.

Best Top & high trending topics on youtube to get videos, how to get fast views on videos. hot video topics :

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