How To First My Android Phone 2019 Latest Version

How To First My Android Phone 2019 Latest Version

How To First Your Android Mobile Phone:

Friends, what I will say today is how can you tell your old mobile to slow down and talk about it, we all know that after 6 months or 1 year of buying a new mobile all android mobile phones are hanging and Not working. To avoid this bloating or to increase the speed in the mobile, say five tips to say that these five tips will be useful to you. I can assure you that. But I do not talk about downloading an application. Do not forget to rate the post after reading it well if you like it. And if you read this post and do it like that, then I can confirm that the speed of your mobile phone is much higher.

1. Software Update Your Device.

Friends, if you do not use any Android mobile in Siaomi, Lenovo, Gionee, then if you update the mobile framework or Android system, then you do not update your mobile number on the table because the more android companies currently have mobile display problems. , Battery backup, screen touch, and any other problems that are anodized If there is an update on your mobile update them without delay, and see that your mobile has been much faster than before.

2.  Uninstall unwanted Application.

Friends, if you have less RAM or Memory, and for that, if you use RAM Cleaners, C Cleaners and other types of fibers for remapping your mobile, then if you use those types, then uninstall it, you agree. Do not believe these applications are more harmful to your mobile, once you hear my words, they will clear the application and use the lite application to clear it. Your mobile will be a lot faster.

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3. Clear Internet Stooges.

Friends, I want to say that Android phones that are 8gb or 16gb strokes are usually used by all the applications or data we use, such as songs, photos, videos, applications etc, all their data, and if they are filled in a time or The browser does not clear browser histories, it gradually becomes slow, because we use the internet or applications in the data.

4. Format Factory Your Mobile Device.

If you have 3 tips that do not work, then you can also use this way, after the friends have finished formatting the format, the phone will be new once, and all the data or any other history will be cleaned once it is new You can work, and all your personal data, such as music, photos, videos etc., after compiling a single word, you can compile it on your memory and then format it.

5. Two (2) Helpful Application Install.

Friends, I was not saying that I would not talk to any application but I asked to install two applications for my personal recommendation. These apps are not heavy or big enough to have 2 or 3 MB applications, so your mobile is bad.

1.Task Cleaner.  ( Click And Download App )

2. App to SD card.  ( Click And Download App )

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1. Task Cleaner:The purpose of this application is that many applications are running on the background in the mobile phones of 1GB and 2GB, due to the fact that your mobile becomes slow, you can take advantage of this slow-moving application to survive. Turning on this application will turn off all the applications running in the background on your mobile, and run the application that will work very well and save your mobile from the hank.

2. App To SD Card: The work of this application is that the installation of mobile phones on all mobile internet strokes is easy to transmit in all data memory with internet strows very easy. And one of the advanced tips is that if you have 1GB, 2GB or 3GB on your mobile phone, use all the lite versions of Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp, because there are many big applications like this, because if you use this lite then tom Ram will remain free on mobile and your mobile will work well.

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