Berachampa Chandraketugarh KHANA-MIHIRER DHIPI

Berachampa Chandraketugarh KHANA-MIHIRER DHIPI

Berachampa Chandraketugarh Full Details :

What I would say today is a very funny and very beautiful story, do you know that there was a huge raj house in Berachampa north twenty-four Parganas district which has been destroyed but Editing and some places exist and there is now a people gathering there. The whole thing about this matter is now known, but the relationship with which it has been found today, I will present the whole thing about what was destroyed and how it was done.

Friends, festivals, a great king’s palace goes to the fair. The name of the company was Bankruptcy. There was a king who was Chandraketu. He was a great king. He had a monkey in the courtroom of Tan and his family had to give him life for a day. It continued and the royal palace was about to reach the end of the night, while one day a fakki father entered the name of his name (Pir Gabrachand). One day he saw all the things of king Mahal, and during this day, the father of the child, who had to give life to the rakshas of the house, and there was no way to kill the king or his demons. Because the king’s life was in a Sakuya bird.
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Seeing this behavior, he started fighting with the king and the king’s war broke out and the king would win the battle because the king had two deaths, the life of a pond in which a man knew who was thrown to death, and left the other, The king’s subjects will be able to see the continuous war dressing stage in which the king is not reduced to the army, but the madman does one work, he is in the pond of the king The beef pieces and an on-bone her up in pieces, casts, and thereby the tasks to be stopped looking and crazy dad wins, and the iron fence her up and sing the golden Champa flowers grow is because of the bankruptcy of the name changing the Berachampa has become. Tamara Somadi today is also Haida Pir Baba Gorachand.
After this pir baba Gora Chand got victorious, then he left now, he went to the stomach and the king killed him and he used to give milk to the two cows to live there. No one knew this because the cows crossed the two Horowa rivers, To give It seems like one day, when he gets the help of milk, once he gets milk, the cow owner, Sidhu Ore Kanu, thinks that the cow’s milk is so low that no fruit had any fruit and it was caught on the last day, two of them were in arms and he did not get milk. The cattle owner has confiscated their cows and he died there and he is buried here and there, the people and the crowd gathered here.

CHANDRAKETUGARH || Mohenjo-Daro Of Bengal :

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